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Pork loin with Pedro Ximénez Reduction

Pork loin with Pedro Ximénez Reduction is a much loved dish, being easy to make with a spectacular result. The key is in the touch of sweet wine, Pedro Ximénez, which, in addition to impregnating this juicy meat...

Málaga Suckling Goat

Chivo Lechal Malagueño has the honour to be the first Spanish goat meat awarded a quality brand label. These goats are raised in the province of Málaga, and their meat is extremely juicy and tender.

Soupy Seafood Rice

The soupy version of Málaga rice is the result of it being a seafaring city, characterised by its variety. Shellfish and fish make up a stew that tempts even those not so fond of rice, is the delight of rice lovers in all its varieties, and seduces the public in general.

Cazuela de Fideos

This traditional Málaga dish was made depending on the fish available on the day. Lovers of this stew can make it not only with fish (hake, kingklip, dogfish, prawns, squid, clams, cockles…), but also with a great variety of vegetable ingredients.

Berza Malagueña

Every region in Spain has its typical charismatic stew: cocido madrileño, fabada asturiana, pote gallego or escudella catalana. Our contribution is berza malagueña.


As a seafaring city, gazpachuelo is the result of fishermen cooking fish broth and potatoes, adding mayonnaise, or an egg white either whisked or boiled. An example of typical local cuisine, it used to be served up at wakes in the home (which explains the origin of the Spanish saying: “gazpachu...


The Málaga versión of ajoblanco is a cold soup of humble origin that could be traced back to Greco-Roman gastronomy, though others believe it has Moorish roots.

Fritura Malagueña

Fried fish is an ancient gastronomic tradition. It is said that in Sephardic Jewish cuisine fried fish was eaten with vinaigrette, while in the Almohade al-Andalus period fish was not only fried …but also marinated.

Skewered Sardines

According to experts in local gastronomy, one cannot leave Málaga without having tasted “amoragás” skewered sardines (amoragás meaning juicy on the inside and not burned). Accompanied by roasted peppers, or chopped tomato with garlic, grilled skewered sardines are pure seafaring tradition....

Málaga Salchichón Tartare

Typical Steak Tartare can be found in many different versions. Málaga’s version uses Málaga salchichón [soft cured sausage] as the main ingredient. Given the “raw” nature of the product, it is ideal, as our salchichón is only slightly cured..