Boquerones en Vinagre

La del solomillo con reducción al Pedro Ximénez es una receta agradecida, por la sencillez de su preparación y su espectacular resultado. La clave está en el toque vinícola, de la mano de un caldo dulce como es el Pedro Ximénez…


Malageneans are second to none. White anchovies in vinegar have a remote Mediterranean origin which could quite possibly be in the Sephardic mezzes or dishes to snack on. But they’ve been with us forever – in restaurant kitchens, on bar countertops and in family homes. A tray of white anchovies in vinegar is standard in places with tradition: a pint of beer accompanied by a tapa of white anchovies tastes like glory. Seafaring glory.

After all, white anchovies in vinegar are a genuine local product from the sea.  White anchovies are synonymous to Malaga. The meatiness of this fish combined with some garlic and parsley makes for an exaggerated flavour that recalls the importance of salting, brines, vinegar and pickling to our ancestors. Preserving fish was a real need for them. And we still enjoy their pragmatism today.



  • Fresh white anchivies
  • Garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Parsley
  • Salt

How are they made?

Clean the anchovies, removing the heads, spine and innards until they are completely white. Then, lay them out open on a dish. Add vinegar and water (especially vinegar) and salt well. After macerating for about eight hours, rinse to remove the salt. Finally, arrange them on a tray and add plenty of olive oil, parsley and minced garlic.